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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

nd the most popular “Balikbayan Box” items – fast and easy!

SeAttention Pinoy OFW’s: it’s true, now you can send your favorite food brands like Spam, Libby’s, Hereford, Palm, Ligo, Kellogs, Quaker and thousands more to your loved ones in the Philippines – without all the hassles of packing a box. And best of all, they get it so quick, you will easily get used to the convenience. You want beauty and health products? We have the popular Dove, Belo, Biolink VCO, Carefree, Cream Silk, Head & Shoulder, Jergens, Colgate, Listerine, the list goes on. is a new website that offers the most popular “Balikbayan Box” brands - items we usually send back home. With our busy schedules, we OFW’s can easily shop conveniently online during our lunch breaks or before going to bed, and that’s it. We can spend some time completing our shopping or saving our shopping carts to complete later, but at the end of the day, we are making more effective use of our time. We don’t need to deal with sorting, packing carefully, sealing, lifting the heavy box, or dragging it across the room and waiting for it to be picked up, or worse taking it to the shipping center. We all know what it’s like! We all know it’s not fun. We all know it’s a lot of work. And we all know it takes 3 to 6 weeks or even more before we hear the sound of joy when these boxes arrive. is available to Pinoys all over the world. Whether you’re a nurse in London, an accountant in New York, an engineer in the Middle East, a caregiver in Los Angeles, or a seafarer in Denmark, you’ll enjoy the luxury of extra time gained from shopping online. Our growing inventory of goods also include home care, cooking, pet care, snacks, vitamins and minerals. We can say we specialize in the essentials, products that your loved ones use every day. As some of our customers report to us, they are pleased with the speedy delivery and the way the items are packed securely.

With, we stay true to our mission of making it easier for Filipinos worldwide to shop for their loved ones in the Philippines. Check us out today:!

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