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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

RP Firm Redefines Software Provision

Supply Chain Consulting Leading Software Provision and ROI


(Manila, Philippines--The IT services market in Asia Pacific will grow from US$37.5B in 2007 to US$55.9B in 2011, representing a compounded annual growth rate of 10.5% from 2006 to 2011, according to a report done by Springboard Research, a leading innovator in the IT Market Research Industry.


The Asia Pacific IT services market is currently leading growth in IT services. In response, software solutions and services providers are ramping up product offerings, especially to the information and communications technology industry, which is expected to increase revenues by 29%, to US$5.1 billion. Supply Chain Consulting is the leading provider of enterprise applications locally, providing global SAP and Oracle software and support services for all its customers. In addition, the company also offers functional and technical support for SAP services with Application Services Management (ASM). The software and service solution is a cost-efficient investment that removes the responsibility of software and resource management from the company and into Supply Chain Consulting.


"Rising IT costs correspond to a larger portion of company budgets and ongoing management of applications continue to consume valuable resources. ASM provides business benefits such as cost savings, improved planning, resource management, and most importantly access to senior application specialists.  ASM can also pave the way for the faster realization on the return on investment," Supply Chain Consulting's Technical and Support Director, Brad Jackson stated.


In today's competitive business climate, organizations continually explore options on how they can optimize their resources and promote business efficiency. According to industry experts, payroll for technical staff is often the main operational cost in running an enterprise software solution. ASM can help customers optimize their performance with solutions that allows them to stretch their resources and enable them to realize their benefits faster. Supply Chain Consulting has the capability to provide customers with business solutions that deliver tangible results.


"We have been in the software services industry for at least a decade and our depth of experience and technical knowledge proves to be an advantage. Our success has allowed us to continually develop solutions to enhance our support services. The strength of our services are the combination of expertise and business process management. We guarantee our quality and performance in our service level agreements. We provide the management structure to extend these high-value support services to our customers because we are confident in a positive return of their investment," Jackson added.


About Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain Consulting is a global provider of enterprise software solutions and services. The company delivers innovative solutions to meet the needs of today's enterprises. Supply Chain Consulting's product portfolio includes ERP qualified Oracle and SAP solutions; Viewlocity™ supply chain visibility and optimization software; and CarbonView™, the world's leading proactive carbon management solution. For more information about Supply Chain Consulting, please visit its website at


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