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Monday, April 27, 2009

Chiz decries bias in favor of foreigners

Sen. Chiz Escudero said the case of Daniel Smith reveals an inherent bias in favor of foreigners in the country's justice system 


"It's really saddening to see that Filipinos, who have been victims of discrimination overseas, are even placed at a disadvantage against foreigners in their own country," he said.


"More disheartening is the fact that Nicole saw hope, a better future, in America despite her unfortunate experience. It may very well be an indictment of what we have become as a nation," the opposition senator said.


"It is a symptom of the state of helplessness that has developed because of decades of misgovernance. Most of our people have, through no fault of their own, lost faith in this country," Escudero said.


He also noted that Smith did not even "waste a day" in slipping out of the country after being acquitted or rape by the Court of Appeals.


"While he is out of sight, Smith will never be out of our minds. He will always remind us of the folly of our dependency on the United States," he said.


Escudero reiterated his support for the abrogation of the RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).


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