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Monday, April 27, 2009

OFWJC newspacket Volume 8 number 1

Resident Editor's Note


CHOOSING stories for the OFW Journalism Consortium is like having a sunny-side fried egg for breakfast: scoop the yellow yolk or snip the white layer first?

These are choices the diner mulls; if she has the time..


Time is a luxury that Consortium writers don't have but the editor does.


After working on Move (our first magazine [also Vol. 7 Nos. 5-10 as a newspacket) that came out in October 2008, it's been a long time, indeed since we came out with our stories.


The Consortium, for the past six months, has been grappling with its own future as its bank account resembles a fried egg, sunny-side up.


Stories on overseas Filipino workers in a crisis-shackled world, however, found oases in several news agencies and in OFWs themselves. Some of the stories are in this latest newspacket.


Despite hard-to-go-by times, our stories remain free for reprint. We only ask the Consortium is acknowledged as source.


It makes us shudder thinking we will grope inside the pockets of readers, especially OFWs, who are already agog at how to balance their checkbooks.

We can only hope they can continue to rely on the generosity of strangers as much as of their countrymen to transform the drought in jobs, income, and goodwill into a lush green field of a prosperous future.


For you, the Consortium reader, we hope you can see the sunny-side of our egg yolks: the stories we can serve in future breakfasts.





Reporters and editors of the OFW Journalism Consortium generously volunteered their skills and services  to produce this newspacket and its contents.


Download the packet here:



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