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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Are you an SSS member?

SSS Press Conference

Earlier this month, Social Security System, which we all know as the pension fund for private sector workers, held their first seminar to the media all over the country. So they flew in all those provincial reporters--print, radio, and broadcast--to Manila for the two-day seminar.

Even we, a media organization, were puzzled why would SSS reach out to us for all these years when they are saying years before that they do not have enough funds. The second day gave us, or least for the OFWJC, all the answer. Read this article to find out what's the real deal.


With agenda or not, we would like to share with you the presentations of SSS officials during the two-day affair.  

Link to the folder:



1. Overview of SSS Benefits Presentation by Agnes E. San Jose, Assistant Vice President RDF Program


2. SSS' Service EnhancementsNow and In The Future

Gwen Ma. Judy D. Samontina, Assistant Vice President

Technical Support Division, IT Management Group


3. Value creation in the face of global recession

Romulo Neri, President and CEO



4. The Historyof SSS, in brief

Atty. Eddie A. Jara, Vice-President

Visayas & Mindanao Groups


5. "Employment Prospects amidst the Global Economic Crisis"

Perspectives from Ambassador Donald G. Dee

SSS Commissioner


6. Mastering the 'ART' of Collection

Judy Frances A. See

Vice President Coverage and Collection Program


7. Mac Initiatives in Improving Forntline Services

Mario R. Sibucao

Members Assistance Center (MAC)

Program Management

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