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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Exports of semiconductors or electronic products, which constitute 60 percent of total commodity exports, increased by 3.9 percent in April, the National Statistics Office (NSO) said.

"In April this year, the country's performance followed the general international trend as worldwide sales of semiconductors rose by 6.4 percent from the previous month," Socioeconomic Planning Secretary and NEDA Director General Ralph G. Recto said. He cited growth in semiconductor sales in the Americas, Japan and Asia Pacific which posted 0.5 percent, 2.4 percent and 11.9 percent, respectively.
He observed however that the increase in exports of semiconductors was not able to pull up the country's total exports for the month due to the significant declines in other major export products. Garments (-25.4%) and machinery and transport equipment (-38.3%) posted considerable month-on-month declines
Receipts from merchandise exports in April 2009 totaled US$2.8 billion, which is 3.6 percent less than the previous month's US$2.9 billion.
The country's exports of petroleum products (571.3%), forest products (34.5%) and total agro-based products (2.7%) likewise grew from the previous month. Similarly, specific commodities showed that shipments of sugar and products (35.7%), fruits and vegetables (19.5), plywood (89.2%), and copper metals (19.5%) increased significantly.
"Like the semiconductor exports, the increase in receipts of these products prevented a more drastic slump in exports. On the other hand, the specific commodities partly took advantage of more favorable prices in the international market," Recto said.
Meanwhile, total merchandise exports declined by 35.2 percent in April 2009 from US$4.3 billion in the same period last year.
"The performance of merchandise exports continued to fare unfavorably when compared to the previous year as the global economic slowdown continued to adversely affect the country's trade performance," Recto said.
He said that the country's export performance in April this year was comparable to that of Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand whose exports also registered declines from March figures. Malaysia's exports was registered at a negative 26.3-percent; Singapore at negative 26.0 percent; and Thailand at negative 16.1.  
The United States remained the top destination of Philippine exports in April, with a 16.0 percent share. Japan was the second biggest export market with a 15.5 percent part in the country's total receipts from overseas sales in April.  PR China (10.9%), Hong Kong SAR (9.5%), and the Netherlands (9.4%) capped off the top five major export markets in the said month. On the other hand, the value of outward shipments to PR China, Hong Kong SAR, and Taiwan ROC composed 24.2 percent of the total merchandise exports in April 2009.
Semiconductor devices, electronic data processing (EDP) machines, and other electronics were the top orders from the five biggest export markets in April 2009, covering 67.3 percent of the value of the total cargoes delivered to the said countries.

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