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Monday, June 08, 2009

Chiz joins Mayor Lim in anti-ChaCha rally in Manila

Opposition Senator Chiz Escudero yesterday joined Mayor Alfredo Lim in the first rally initiated by city hall employees in Manila against the administration's campaign to change the Constitution through a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass).

Escudero, who is chair of the Senate committee on constitutional amendments and revision of laws, lauded the organizers of the mass action that began after the flag-raising ceremony at the Manila City Hall.

"Let us make them feel our protest, show them that the people are aware and ready to fight charter change now. And in the coming elections, let these pro-chacha lawmakers feel our anger, our disgust, and dismay by voting them out of office," he told the rallyists.

 Escudero said he would oppose any attempt to change the constitution before the 2010 polls, because of his distrust for President Arroyo and her administration.

He described the charter change move as "lameduck's ploy" so the administration's allies would not leave her and her party.

Escudero also said that while the passage of the Con-Ass resolution was a "trial balloon", he warned that if the people do not voice out their opposition to charter change, the administration would be emboldened to railroad the measure.

 "I call on the people to take the lead in opposing charter change now. I ask those who support cha-cha to end this madness," he said.

Escudero has called for a plebiscite or a referendum on charter change to settle the issue once and for all. The 39-year old lawyer suggested that a rider on the matter be included in the May 2010 ballot.


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