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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

JDA Software Launches New Growth and Investment Strategy in China

Scottsdale, Ariz. – June 2, 2009 JDA® Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: JDAS) today announced that the Company is significantly expanding its investment in China with additional resources and the launch of a new local support and services center to meet growing demand from local manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers for best-of-breed integrated supply chain and merchandising solutions.

According to AMR Research, Inc., Chinese consumers are enjoying growth in wealth that is three to five times faster than developed countries have experienced over the past 50 years1. As the manufacturer for the world, China has established a formidable capability to supply consumer products globally and retail them locally. The further development of this industry demands supply chain efficiencies in order to provide the necessary capabilities to sustain long term growth.

JDA has recognized the huge manufacturing and retail industry that has been established in China over the past decades, which is now actively seeking the advanced capabilities that have established JDA’s reputation as the leading supplier of advanced supply chain optimization and merchandising systems globally. In order to meet this growing demand for best-in-class solutions and services, JDA will quadruple the number of Chinese nationals available to serve existing and future customers in China across various roles that include support, consulting and sales over the next two years. JDA is also opening a new support center in Shanghai with solution experts in both retail and supply chain management that will offer workshops on global best practices and other educational opportunities to local businesses.  

Stephen McNulty, JDA regional vice president, Asia Pacific, said, “With growing interest among China’s retail and consumer goods companies to adopt industry best practices, JDA is significantly ramping up efforts to serve this demand with a new support center and by increasing our local workforce to interface with our Chinese customers and prospects. Our new and expanded capabilities will enable JDA to rapidly ramp up and position us for substantial growth in the coming quarters.”


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