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Tuesday, June 16, 2009



ARL's e-Yield Portal, part of ARL e-Yield Suite consisting of self-service schedule enquiry, online freight quote and booking now deployed on China Logistics Club website.



HONG KONG, June  15, 2009 – China Logistics Club, recently deployed ARL's e-Yield Portal solution, part of ARL e-Yield Suite, offering self-service transportation inquiries, online freight quotes and bookings for all customers of China Logistics Club members.


As a 'powered by' solution the e-Yield Portal front-end is embedded into the China Logistics Club own web-site and combines all its members transportation offerings. These include all available points of origin and destination, future voyages, and links to the association members own websites where shippers can get a quote and book online.

By offering self-service transportation services 24 hours a day on their website both China Logistic Club and its members could broaden the customer base without significant investments. It is easy for a new customers as well as forwarding partners to select most suitable offering by providing points of origin and destination and select one which fits shipper's needs and then continue to a website of selected transport provider for instant quote and booking online.


"We expect  that the members of the forum and their customers receive the new service well" states Henrik Christensen. "Over time we expect to see most of the forum members using the online platform from supporting their business growth, allowing them to focus on developing their core services whereas customer support could be automated to the large extent" he ends.


ARL's e-Yield Suite is available in a number of deployment scenarios reflecting the characteristics of the transport provider, ranging from forwarders/ consolidators, NVOCCs, liner agents, short sea and deep sea shipping lines, rail, barge, ro-ro operators and multi-modal transport providers, transport associations, and port communities.


On, interested transport providers and associations can request an on-line presentation and sign-up for using individual modules in the e-Yield platform. For additional information on ARL's e-Yield Suite, contact Evgeny Drokov or visit

About Limited, based in Hong Kong , provides innovative and configurable online e-Services to the global transport community. e-Services are marketed, developed, hosted and supported by ARL Consulting B.V.



About China Logistics Club


The China Logistics Club (CLC) is a forum for the Small & Medium Enterprise freight forwarders and logistics companies and its aim is to assist its members with forging partnerships and conducting business in China as well as elsewhere. CLC is an independent and private organization managed by a team of veteran industry experts with additional expertise in Human Resources, Finance and International Law as well as contacts to a vast international network.


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