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Monday, June 15, 2009


Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane, Jr directed the immediate implementation of the one-year suspension order for 60 DPWH civil works contactors for violation for the provisions of Republic Act 9184 and the 3-strike policy in procurement of civil works.

Ebdane said that contractors had failed to justify why the DPWH Joint Central Office-Bids and Awards Committee (CO-BAC) recommendation to suspend them from participating in the projects should not be implemented.

In a press conference, Secretary Ebdane specified that 60 of the 216 contractors who had been found to have violated SEC. 69.19 of the IRR of Republic Act 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act) and Department Order No. 35, Series of 2008 were being given suspension orders effective immediately.

After following due process with each contractor being given the opportunity to show cause why they should not be suspended for their violations, the joint CO-BAC recommended that 60 contractors be suspended for a period of 1 year starting from date of issuance of the Department Order mandating the suspension of the said contractors.

"We have given all concerned enough time and followed due process as required by law. After careful deliberation of the CO-BAC, 60 contractors were recommended for suspension and I have approved their recommendation effective immediately", Ebdane said. "We are duty-bound to fulfill the spirit and intent of RA 9184 as contained in the Implementing Rules and Regulations that were crafted to ensure full compliance".

In two resolutions signed by the CO-BAC members, the main reasons for the suspension included failure to respond to the DPWH Secretary's letter requiring them to show cause, and the unacceptable reasons provided to justify their violations. Only 168 responded to the DPWH letter to show cause.

The contractors covered by the suspension order are A.C. Rivero Development Corporation, ADP Construction and Supply, AFG Construction and Supply, Allencon Development Corporation. Annasor Construction and Trading, BMK Construction, Big Bertha Construction and Development, CBN Construction and Supply, Chiara Construction, Cofe Jok Construction and Supply, Davao Concrete Products, E.M.I. Construction and Trading, F. Gurrea Construction, Good Fortune International, Inc, Henry S. Oaminal Construction and General Merchandise, HI-TRI Development Corporation, IBC International Builders Corporation, J. Cordon Construction and Supply, J. Lee Construction, J. M. Morales Construction and Supply, J.S. Layson & Co, Inc, Jhall Marketing & Services, JH) Construction, LMG Construction, LSD Construction and Supply, Muana Development Corporation, Palmares General Merchandise, Patrila Builders, Performance Builders and Developers Corporation, R.B. Uriarte Costruction,
R.G. Erillo Construction Inc., Roprim Construction, Shak Construction, Shen Construction, Topmost Development Marketing Corporation, TSD Builders Construction and Supply, Waterton Construction and Realty Development Corporation, Werr Corporation International, Welex Construction, A.D. Construction, ACES Trafcon Exponents, Inc, ALRAF Construction and Enterprises, ARN Builders, B.E. Construction, CVAP Construction, ECDA Construction, Gampik Construction and Development, Inc, IHZA Construction, J&S Cuadra Construction and Supply, JECEL    Construction and Supply, JLA Construction and Supplies, KIRSKAT Venture, MBD General Construction, NFH Construction and Supply, NVF Construction, Rockworld Industries, Unayan Builders Construction and Supply, Villa Veronica Construction, and VNKC Construction. 

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