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Monday, July 27, 2009


In support with President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo's agenda of improving the country's rural infrastructure network and promoting livelihood in opportunities in the construction industries, the Department of Public Works and Highways in Masbate has completed a total of thirty four (34) Infra projects under President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo's Pump Priming Projects.

    DPWH Undersecretary Rafael C. Yabut, in-charge of Bicol operation said that in preparation for the rainy season, the Masbate 1st District Engineering Office (MFDEO) has completed a flood control project in Brgy. Tugbo-Bonbon,Milagros-Lagta,baleno and repaired a damaged bridge in Masbate City.

    Among completed during the first quarter of 2009 are the construction of potable water system at Dayao in the Municipality of Mandaon, rehabilitation of Masbate Provincial Hospital, concreting of  Malinta and Kalipay road section in Masbate City, road concreting in Pinamarbuhan, Municipality of Mobo and construction of Maingaran Approach in Masbate City.

Meanwhile, for the DepEd School Building Program, the DPWH Masbate Engineering Office has completed a total of 12 school building projects namely: 1 Classroom (CL) at Cawayan Exterior Elementary School (E/S), 1 CL in Cawayan Anas E/S, 2 CL at MNCHS and repair of PTCA at B. Titong E/S all in Masbate City; 1 CL at Pulanduta H/S, 1 CL at Jintotolo H/S and repair of 1 CL at Pulanduta H/S in Balud Masbate; 2 CL at Lahong Intr. E/S and 1 CL in Potoson E/S in Baleno Masbate; 1 CL at D. Trabado P/S, 2 CL at Matiporon E/S, 1 CL at Tawad E/S, 1 CL at San Jose E/S, 1 CL Punta Tigabo E/S, 1 CL at Tesa E/S all in Milagros Masbate; 1 CL at C. Bolon PS in Mobo Masbate; 1 CL at Lanang E/S in Aroroy Masbate.
Ongoing Pump Priming Projects are the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Masbate Cataingan-Placer National road - Cadre road with 35%, Masbate port national road with 32% and Circumferential road with 40% in Masbate City.

    In all of the DPWH MFDEO infrastructure program it has generated a total of 879 job opportunities, 688 of which were under the roadside maintenance program and 191 are employed in the Pump Priming Projects

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