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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

DPWH Assures Project Linking NLEX-SLEX Will Not Affect Water, Informal Settlers

Public Works Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. yesterday vowed to push through with the implementation of a road-widening project linking NLEX and SLEX, saying this would save the government some P600 million.

Talking to informal settlers along the Old Balara road, Quezon City , Ebdane also assured they will not be affected by the project to widen the road along Ramon Magsaysay Avenue to Commonwealth Avenue .

"Why fight this project when you are not going to be affected by it. The only ones affected are the rich who play at (Capitol Hills Golf and Country Club
Inc.),'' Ebdane said to Balara residents who were  opposing the project, along with Quezon City Rep. Mat Defensor.

"If I am to be faulted for something here, it is to insist that we use the 450 linear meters inside the golf course so as not to hit you the informal settlers," said Ebdane, adding that the portion of the affected golf course property belongs to the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage System (MWSS).
According to Ebdane, a proposal by Defensor and the Metropolitan Development Authority (MMDA) to use a portion of the University of the Philippines to link up the South Luzon Expressway with the North Luzon Expressway would cost the government some P600 million because it would involve the destruction and rebuilding of two buildings in UP, relocation of 650 squatter families and
payment of roads right of way.
Compared to the portion of the golf course, Ebdane noted that the lot belongs to the MWSS and that Capitol Golf was found to have not been paying MWSS for
the use of the property.
Ebdane also brushed aside Defensor's claims that the DPWH project would hit aquaducts and main water pipes lying under the Hole No. 6 of Capitol Golf and affect the water supply of 8 million residents in Metro Manila.

Ebdane said the pipes are buried 60 meters deep and unless they construct a building over it, they will not be affected.

``There is more done enough cushioning of soil and rocks to protect the main pipes,'' added DPWH Undersecretary Romeo Momo, who is in charge of the
 operations of the DPWH projects in Metro Manila.

According to DPWH-NCR Acting Regional Director Edilberto Tayao, C-5 Road Extension Project (SLEX-NLEX-Connection) would involve the
widening of 1.1 kilometers of road at a cost of P100 million.

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