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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ralph G. Recto announced today his resignation from the National Economicand Development Authority effective Aug. 16 "to explore elective opportunities". Recto assumed his post as socioeconomic planning secretary and NEDA Director-Generalon July 28, 2008.

As NEDA chief, Recto helped craftand monitor the government's Economic Resiliency Plan (ERP), the Philippines'pump-priming program. The ERP implementation involved the frontloadingof government spending during first half of 2009 and increased spendingfor social services and infrastructure. Recently, he proposed a new economicplan for next year initially dubbed as REAP (Reloading Economic AccelerationPlan) to protect the gains made through the ERP and prepare the countryfor the economic rebound. He set in place a more institutionalized monitoringof global and local events as they affect the Philippine economy.

Recto advocated various developmentissues such as a transparent oil pricing scheme to protect consumers aswell as greater transparency in government projects. He also backed innovationsin green industry and technology in the Philippines and signed a climatechange program with the United Nations and the Spanish Government. In addition,Recto pushed for deeper engagements with China and other growth regions such as the Middle East.

During his term as NEDA Director-General,Recto instituted the adoption of value engineering in infrastructure projectsto help cut costs, minimize delays and strengthen the ICC process. He introducedan employment odometer for all government projects/initiatives to estimatethe number of jobs that can be created.

Recto also advocated the enhancementof the review of the performance of the Philippine government's OfficialDevelopment Assistance (ODA) portfolio to help improve the country's absorptivecapacity, speed up the implementation of development programs and projects,and manage for development results.

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