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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Final Report on Filexpats Rodrigp Africa and John Patrick Esteban

27 July 2009
May we respectfully submit herein final updates on OFWs RODRIGO AFRICA and JOHN PATRICK ESTEBAN  of SEDER GROUP CO. and Contracting Services.
They were deployed to Dammam in May 2009. After a week they STOPPED WORK and complained to POLO-Al Khobar for alleged No copy of their contractContract duration was increased from 2 to 3 years, and No overtime pay.  Beffore POLO-Al Khobar could act on their complain they came here at POLO-Riyadh requesting assistance for their REPATRIATION. We then requested POLO-Al Khobar to forward to us their records. As soon as we recieved and evaluated their records, we started counselling and persuaded them to go back to work while we negotiate for settlement of their complains. We reminded them that they were still within the adjustment/ probationary period, and to sop work is no a solution but a problem itself. However when our advices fell on deaf ears as it appeared very clearly that subjects have FIXED their minds on their persistent desire to GO HOME either because they were homesick or probably influenced by a third party, we initiated negotiations with SEDER Group for their repatriation.
Thus, in late June,  assisted by Case Officer Abdullah Umpa, we arranged for a meeting with SEDER HR Manager Migren Al Migren.  In that meeting, Migren asked for 2 weeks to convince Messrs. Africa and Esteban to go back to work, otherwise their repatriation will be provcessed thereafter. Simultaneously, we continued persuading them to go back to work through regular phone calls and occasional visits. At a time, we gave them money to augment their expenses.
After the lapse of 2 weeks, and it appearing that our parallel efforts with SEDER were exhausted to no avail, we pursued the repatriation angle. Throughout the process we emphasized the fact that our efforts were not motivated by any third party intervention or outside pressure, but it is our primary mandate to serve and assist within the bounds of our capabilities and limitations DISTRESSED OFWs and every Filexpat in need and seeking our help.
Finally, on 24 July 2009, OFWs Africa nd Esteban were sent home by SEDER Group Co. They arrived Manila at about 3:30 PM 25 Juily Via Qatar Air. We requested OWWA-RAD for their transportation from airport to OWWA, temporary accomodation at the OWWA Half-way Home, and transportation assistance from Manila to their respective home provinces. We now consider this case managed and CLOSED.

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