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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fisherman rescued by M/V General del Pilar of NMC Container Lines, Inc.

Ofianga, a 56-year old fisherman from Kabak, Cebu, was stranded for three days at
sea near Bantayan Island after his boat
capsized. Hungry, dehydrating, and beset with injuries threatening his
survival, all he could do was pray for help. In answer to his pleas, the MV General
del Pilar came to his rescue and saved his life.

M/V General
del Pilar was plying its Manila-Cebu-Cagayan de Oro-Manila route recently when
one of its crew members, AB Aldrin Sambajon, spotted a person in the water a
good 100 meters away. Sambajon immediately alerted Third Mate Armand Edano, the
Officer-on-Watch at the time. Edano hurriedly informed Captain Luisito Marcelino
of the man's sighting. The Master issued a pro-emergency signal and quickly
turned around the ship to save the man in distress. After initially failing to
fish the man out of the water, the vessel was able to rescue him using a life
ring to hoist the distraught man on board.

The captain
informed the Philippine Coast Guard and the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation to
be ready to provide first aid. Once the ship touched land, Ofianga was immediately
brought to the Vicente Memorial Hospital for further treatment.

M/V General
del Pilar operates under NMC Container Lines, Inc. (NMCCLI), a member of the
Magsaysay Transport and Logistics Group. Jay Olivarez, General Manager of
NMCCLI, said, "The crew of M/V Gen. Del Pilar went beyond the call of duty. We
admire them for their courage and selflessness. We are proud to have people
with such exemplary attitude."

committed to not only provide excellent and efficient container shipping
services to its customers, but also to uphold safety of life at sea.

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