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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Identify brutally killed woman in video gov’t urged

The biggest global alliance of OFWs calls on the Arroyo administration to immediately determine if the woman being stoned to death in a video clip is not a Filipina OFW.


"The video was very disturbing. If the said woman in the video is a Filipina, then the Philippine Embassy in Jordan should act accordingly and immediately conduct an investigation as to why the incident had happened," says Garry Martinez, chairperson of Migrante International.


The video of the said incident was uploaded last June 25, 2009 in entitled "Pinay sa Jordan (Brutally killed)". A certain hotjc2009 uploaded the video, with no indication of a real name in the website and his profile only describes him as a 28 year old and his location is in Bahrain.


Responding from a comment in Tagalog, hotjc2009 admitted that he himself doesn't know who the said woman is in the video and that the said clip was only forwarded to him by a friend who told him that the incident happened in Jordan.


"No one can simply dismiss the brutality shown in the video. Only a heartless government official will have the stomach to ignore the seriousness of the said incident," said Marinez.


The video started by showing Filipino subtitles warning OFWs not to commit infidelity in Middle East region. Then it showed a mob kicking furiously a woman whose face is already covered with blood. The clip ended by showing a man smashing the head of the woman by a stone block.


The group challenges the Department of Foreign Affairs and Department of Labor and Employment to call on their staff posted abroad to confirmed the veracity of the said incident and whether a Pinay OFW was really involved.


"We would like to call the attention of our kababayans abroad to please provide informations that will help in confirming the authenticity of the video. Migrante will be the first one to feel relieved if the said woman is indeed not a Filipina," Garry concluded.


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