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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Corporate culture fuels call center employment retention—ExcelAsia

While other industries face the challenges of the global financial crisis, business process outsourcing (BPO) service providers are facing what can be called as a “good problem” in light of current layoffs—employee retention. In 2008, attrition rates in the call center industry were pegged at an average of 18% according to the Call Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP).

With the 82% of BPO expecting a positive employment growth rate, companies need to strengthen corporate strategies to attract career hopefuls and retain their people. According to the recently released survey by the Business Processing Association of the Philippines, at least 66% of respondents from the industry expect up to 50% growth in labor requirements.

ExcelAsia President Rita Trillo-Ugarte explains that preventing an unhealthy rise in attrition rates is more than just a matter of monetary compensation. Trillo-Ugarte said that fostering an excellent professional culture is one of the main reasons
ns that motivate people to stay in BPO companies.

“Although salary plays a big role in considering a new job, people also leave because of the culture within the company. Employees’ relationships with their colleagues and management, and potential for career growth increase the possibility that they consider a long-term tenure with a company,” Trillo-Ugarte said. Trillo-Ugarte notes that stress of the hours and requirements in the customer service profession require healthy professional relationships to sustain career growth.

“Call center companies should definitely keep an eye on employee performance and make sure that they are recognized for doing a great job,” Trillo-Ugarte said. “Regular coaching sessions and meetings must be maintained to be updated about employee concerns. The management should definitely try to balance the corporate environment and young workers’ expectations of the job.”

As a recruitment and training company, ExcelAsia screens applicants for call center readiness and equips them not just with the needed technical skills but also with the right professional skills that can help them excel in a call center profession. At present, ExcelAsia continues to recruit and train around 1,500 people monthly in all of its sites nationwide.

“Our trainers emphasize the importance of building good professional relationships with the company,” Trillo-Ugarte added. “It’s really about motivating them to work not just for the compensation but also for stable career growth.”

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About ExcelAsia
ExcelAsia provides industry-leading human resources (HR) solutions to more than 30 multinational companies in the Philippines. The firm is staffed by training and recruitment experts who provide end-to-end HR solutions: sourcing and recruitment, executive search, training and development, and HR and business consultancy. ExcelAsia is a professional and reliable service-oriented company that addresses the growing HR needs of contact centers and other business process outsourcing sectors. At present, ExcelAsia is headquartered in Manila with offices in Cebu, Bacolod, and Alabang. It has trained and deployed over 16,000 Filipino jobseekers.

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