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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Video docu, interactive tutorial software on sustainable devt launched inNEDA

The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Agriculture Staff ─which is the coordinating secretariat of the Philippine Council forSustainable Development (PCSD) ─ recently launched the video documentationon Sustainable Development (SD) Localization Best Practices and the SDMainstreaming Handbook Interactive Tutorial Software at the NEDA office.These outputs were developed under the assistance of the United NationsDevelopment Programme (UNDP) 2008 Country Program Action Plan-Environmentand Natural Resource-Capacity and Operation Enhancement (CPAP ENR CORE)Programme.

The 35-minute video documentation showcases four different modalities of SDlocalization practices representing various ecosystems (forest, coastal,water, and agriculture) in four distinct sites: Camarines Norte, LIPASECUmunicipalities of Antique; Maragusan of Compostela Valley; and Lake Mainitof Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte.

On the other hand, the SD Mainstreaming Handbook Interactive TutorialSoftware, uploaded in the PCSD website ( allows forready access and use of specific tools, such as the SD Analyzer, tomainstream SD in decision-making processes.

In his opening remarks, NEDA Deputy Director General Rolando G. Tungpalan said that launching the two outputs will help NEDAns to “internalize theprinciples of sustainable development and put them into practice” thusmainstreaming SD in planning, programming, monitoring and evaluation. Headded that beyond raising awareness on SD, what is more important are theoutcomes which are put to practice, thus gaining the benefits of SD.

DDG Tungpalan also read Secretary Recto’s message: “We hope that ourplanners and decision-makers will be inspired by these best practices, movebeyond traditional, top-down and unilateral decision-making processes andconsider innovative ways in finding a common solution. We hope that morelocal decision-makers will be able to use the tools to guide them in their development processes and give their feedback on how to further refine thetools”.

Meanwhile, UNDP Philippines Country Director Renaud Meyer acknowledged themilestones of the PCSD in 17 years.

“We are delighted that NEDA has taken a step further to share the[Sustainable Development] Handbook to a lot of people,” Meyer said, addingthat the Documentation of SD Localization Best Practices has also been apowerful demonstration of UNDP and NEDA’s partnership that revolves aroundvarious development issues and commitment to share those practices to thelargest possible group of people.

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