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Friday, March 13, 2009

Customs double-whammies smugglers

The government dealt a double blow to smugglers of used clothing or “ukay-ukay”. The Bureau of Customs granted the request of an importer to pay the duties and taxes plus penalties for a shipment of four 40-footer container vans of assorted outsoles, bags, gift items and accessories and subsequently forfeited the entire lot after examination revealed that the goods were mixed with used clothing, contraband in the country.

Bureau of Customs Commissioner Napoleon L. Morales and Manila International Container Port (MICP) District Collector Adelina Molina presented today to the media four containers of various smuggled goods which will be turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for distribution to the needy.

The subject shipment arrived sometime late in 2007 and was seized when 100% examination of the shipment revealed that there was overquantity and undeclared goods mixed in with the shipment. Two containers were declared as outsoles, another as bags and gift items, the other accessories and gift items. All four containers were found to contain undeclared articles of clothing.

During the proceedings of the seizure case, the importer, R.F. Crisostomo Trading argued that the undeclared items were export overruns and not used clothing, and offered to pay the corresponding duties and taxes for the shipment with the 20% penalty pursuant to Section 2307 of the TCCP. The respondent also requested that they be allowed to file the import entry for the shipment.

MICP District Collector Molina granted the request and favorably endorsed this to the Commissioner for final approval which was also granted due to the favorable recommendations of the MICP Collector, Director of the Legal Service and Deputy Commissioner for the Revenue Collection Monitoring Group (RCMG). The importer paid some P578, 000.00 for the duties, taxes and penalties of the shipment.

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