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Friday, March 13, 2009

Customs and PASG join forces against smuggling

In a show of united force, Bureau of Customs Commissioner Napoleon Morales and Presidential Anti-smuggling Group (PASG) Undersecretary Antonio Villar today jointly inspected four 40-footer container vans of assorted outsoles, bags, gift items and accessories forfeited after examination revealed that the goods were mixed with used clothing, contraband in the country.

The subject shipment arrived sometime late in 2007 and was seized when 100% examination of the shipment revealed that there was overquantity and undeclared goods mixed in with the shipment. Two containers were declared as outsoles, another as bags and gift items, the other accessories and gift items. All four containers were found to contain undeclared articles of clothing.

Commissioner Morales ordered the hold of the release of the shipment and the examination of the goods. It was verified that though part of the shipment was as declared, majority of the goods were used clothing and personal effects. This caused for the order of forfeiture of the shipment in favor of the government. Earlier this year, MICP Collector Adelina Molina formally wrote to Secretary Esperanza Cabral for the turnover of the goods to DSWD.

Undersecretary Villar and his men joined forces with Commissioner Morales and customs operatives to inspect the goods before the official turn over to DSWD to ensure that the stock is still in tack, despite having been stagnant in customs warehouse for over a year.

“We are promoting transparency in our operations, especially with reexamination to lay to rest rumors of pilferage in customs,” said Morales who explained that joint inspection operations with PASG ensures that inspection and reexamination are transparent between the BoC and PASG.

On the other hand, Villar said that the PASG and BoC will continue the joint reexamination of overstaying and grounded containers to help expedite the disposition of seized goods.

“We need to immediately convert these overstaying seized goods into collections. Joint operations will ensure that the goods are as inventoried and that the government can get the most out of the sale of these,” said Villar.

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