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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Agoo, La Union mayoralty candidate Tess Dumpit-Michelena has denounced the daily harassment being perpetrated by ex-Mayor Eufranio Eriguel and his goons against herself, her family and their supporters. 

After the unprovoked trespassing and attempted multiple murder by a gun-toting Eriguel and his armed band of about a dozen goons at around 2:30 p.m. of Good Friday against the Dumpit-Michelena household and around 70 guests having late lunch at the house, men suspected to be henchmen of the ex-mayor again exploded a bomb near the same beachfront house at 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 6, 2010.

Neighborhood fishermen said that a known Eriguel toughie lobbed an improvised dynamite bomb known as bong-bong at the house from a boat cruising the coastline. The bombing occurred while six policemen assigned by the PNP Regional office to protect the household were patrolling areas at the compound.  They heard the sound of the boat's engine as the men fled but could not fire since it was too dark.

Dumpit-Michelena also denounced the charges of kidnapping and grave coercion leveled against her, her husband and six others by a Roger Espiritu, saying they are completely fabricated and based on lies fed to him.

Recounting the day of the attack, Dumpit-Michelena said it was Roger Espiritu who sent word that he wanted to seek forgiveness from her for exploding a dynamite during her first caucus at San Julian West at around 10:15 p.m. last March 27.

"Kapit-sa-patalim, Eriguel is trying to cover himself by having Espiritu manufacture these lies," Dumpit-Michelena said.  "It was Espiritu who asked to be brought to my house because he had something secret to tell me.  He had earlier asked us to meet him at the barangay hall, which we did in the presence of at least four barangay officials led by First Kagawad Ronnie Carrera and as many as 50 barangay members.  Espirito admitted having exploded the device and we even asked him to apologize not only to me, but to the other barangay members around as his act may have put their children and family in harm's way.  He did, and then asked in front of everybody to be brought to my house," Dumpit-Michelena added.

"He had lunch at my house with my family, some neighbors and my daughter's teenaged friends, between 20 and 30 of them, and supporters. There were almost 100 people there having late lunch.  After lunch, he asked to speak to me privately and we went to my room with my husband and a few others.  We even left the door open because he just wanted to say something and we didn't see the need to close the door.  We asked him if he would be willing to put it down in writing with the chief of police but he said, not with the COP in Agoo.  Then Eriguel attacked," she recounted.

"After the incident, he even stayed at my house, refusing to go with relieved chief of police Gorospe until his wife came along and both of them asked to go, together with his brother, and so I let him.  I even gave him P 200 for transportation but he asked Kagawad Gerry Emperador to bring him home, which the Kagawad kindly did.  And that Kagawad he has also implicated."

" Is this what they are taught by Eriguel and his kind?  To lie so bare-faced? To manufacture stories?  To hurt people who try to help them?  This is why Agoo continues to suffer.  This is why our people must vote for change on May 10, 2010," Dumpit-Michelena said.



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