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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Press Statement: On Pacquiao in politics and rumored NPC split-up


Everyone, including people's champ Manny Pacquiao, has the right to enter the world of politics, as long as they are not disqualified by law.


If he eventually decides to run again, he is free to do so and I would greatly respect his decision. However, I cannot blame those who would rather that Manny stay in the field of sports, where he has become the living proof that the Filipino can conquer the world.


We have a scarcity of world-class athletes, and I believe that many would be disappointed to lose one to politics.


Manny has done what no one today even came close to achieving: uniting the country as one. No matter what your beliefs are, what political spectrum you belong to, or what church you go to, we are all inspired by Manny.



I have not heard nor validated any rumor that the Nationalist People's Coalition is breaking up. Members of the party met last week and none of these allegations of splitting up were discussed.


Once again, I see no reason why the NPC, after a solid track record of political partisanship, would break up. Whoever was the source of the report should come forward and prove his or her claims.


Time has tested the strong will of the party and I am proud to say that we are the only political organization that has remained strong through the years.


While others do the rigodon after every election, depending on who is in power, the NPC continues to stay steadfast, its membership intact. There is no indication that that will change in the immediate future.

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