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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Specialty Store Makes Malunggay Bread

A new type of bread that has been proven to fight anemia is now the rage in Mandaluyong City and parents are gushing over the health benefits for the buns, animal-shaped bread and cookies offered by PowerNut, a pastry shop in Barangay Baranca.
The-not-so-secret ingredient in the pastries and bread that PowerNut's expert bakers produce is the lowly malunggay, dubbed as "power gulay" by Alicia Ilaga, Director of the Department of Agriculture-Biotechnology Program Office.
PowerNut trailblazed the production of malunggay bread and it is thus the only shop to ever sell commercially such a unique commodity, which goes well with malunggay ice cream that can be secured from Ilocos Norte.
Apart from being the source of moringa edible oil and biodiesel, malunggay, scientifically known as Moringa oleifera Lamk., it is also packed with vitamin A, which battles anemia, iron, calcium and is even known for its rejuvenating effects on sluggish males.
However, Hanny Antonio, is most concerned not with biodiesel but with the power that heals, which power is now being harnessed by PowerNut to the hilt. Incidentally, PowerNut derived its name from peanuts laced with malunggay, which only shows how much this corporate player values malunggay.
Antonio, PowerNut operations manager, said science was behind her company's journey to therapeutic bread, and it was born after the firm conducted a 30-day feeding program and a research and clinical study on the effects of malunggay on children. LR Medical Clinic worked on the project and sifted through the data produced for the entire month.
Sixty-four malnourished Grades 1 and 2 pupils from public schools in Mandaluyong City underwent blood testing before and after they were fed with malunggay bread.
Results of the study showed that students who were diagnosed as anemic prior to the feeding program were discovered to have normal blood count, and the malady was gone.
It also showed that those who consumed malunggay bread had an increase in their hemoglobin count.
A test conducted by the Department of Science and Technology on the pH-level on PowerNut also indicated that the total solubility solids of the store's products had neutral pH-level and do not cause tooth decay. You can eat to heart's content without worrying about caries, periodontitis and other ailments.
The store also offers a range of malunggay-fortified products like bread, Powerpao (siopao), doughnuts, noodles (from Camarines Sur), pili nuts (from Legaspi City, Albay) iced tea, capsules, tea and other pastries.
The advocacy of PowerNut store is a perfect example of DA-BPO's advocacy on malunggay--to help Filipinos achieve a better quality of life through nutrition and good business.
This store does not only offer malunggay-fortified products. The store's kitchen doors are open for aspiring malunggay food entrepreneurs who simply want to learn how to make malunggay delicacies.
PowerNut may help the Biotechnology Information and Organization Network in narrowing the great nutritional divide, with many school children suffering from anemia all because they do not that right at their backyard is the spring of nutrients--malunggay, and the millions who spend a fortune just to stay healthy even when they need only to spend less to stay fit.
PowerNut is also in the business of sharing knowledge and acumen in the malunggay food business with other entrepreneurs who want to earn while promoting health consciousness among our people. (biolife news service)

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