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Monday, August 11, 2008

New Atty for OFW Group Named

Global Filipino Nation has appointed Johannes L. Ignacio, anInternational Human Rights Lawyer and Consultant, as its International LegalCounsel.
Ignacio is a member of the Philippine Bar.
GFN is an internationalassociation of global Filipinos, their families and allies, and onshoreFilipinos with a global mindset--all committed to promoting goodgovernance.
Among others, Ignacio serves as Executive Director of Santa Clara(California) Center for Occupational Safety and Health, doingadvocacy and capacity building around workers' right to health andenvironmental justice.
He advocates for the rights of vulnerable groupsparticularly migrant workers. He is an international trainer/ resourceperson on human rights fact finding, documentation, monitoring and advocacy, Ignacio is a Founding Member of Forum Asia, a regional network on humanrights and development.
He is in the International Board of Advisers of theInternational Human Rights Internship Program, based in Washington. He is the Chair of Stairway Foundation, a non-profit for street kids.
Philippine human rights and legal experience of Ignacio includes service as legal officer/consultant of the Philippine Constitutional Commission(1986) and the Philippine Commission on Human Rights (1987-1994), as seniorofficer providing training and capacity building on human rights for NGOsand community-based groups including migrant workers (1989-1992), and as senior officer providing advocacy and training center on human rights,handling cases of migrant workers involving fraud and illegal recruitment,sex trafficking, HIV-AIDS, occupational safety and health, job benefits, etc.
He advocated locally and internationally for the rights and protectionfor migrant workers.
Ignacio has served as International Consultant for the Office of the HighCommissioner for Human Rights (UNOCHR, UNDP, UNAIDS), Ford Foundation, AsiaFoundation, European Union, and others.
His latest assignments include having trained the UN Office of the HighCommissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Nepal and Nepal Human RightsCommission staff on human rights fact-finding and documentation.
Hecurrently is the Senior Expert-Human Rights Training and CapacityBuilding, European Union Conflict Mitigation Program, Nepal.

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