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Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Workers Hired Than Laid Off in Metro Manila

Despite the economic slowdown brought about by the unabated increases in food and fuel prices and the U.S.-led global recession, more workers were hired than terminated in top corporations in Metro Manila in the first quarter of 2008, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said.

Citing a survey of the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics, Labor Secretary Marianito D. Roque said that amidst the economic slowdown, labor turnover in large enterprises in Metro Manila continued to be on the uptrend as newly employed workers in these enterprises outnumbered those who were terminated or laid off during this year’s first three months.

Roque said the First Quarter 2008 Labor Turnover Survey of BLES monitored the employment expansion or contraction in 688 establishments randomly selected from among the top 3,300 corporations in Metro Manila.

He said the survey showed that accession rate or additions to employment in the covered establishments was at 12.23 percent which outpaced separation rate or termination of employment at 7.46 percent indicating a net turnover or employment growth rate of 4.76 percent.

In nominal terms, Roque said the net addition to the enterprises’ workforce was about 48 workers per 1,000 employed workers during the quarter. This occurred as 122 workers were hired per 1,000 employed as against 75 workers separated per 1,000 employed.

Roque added that accession was primarily attributed to replacement of separated workers and job quitters at 7.88 percent, adding that only 4.35 percent was due to expansion of business activities.

He noted that accession due business expansion, albeit small, still occurred despite difficult times. “This is remarkable as it underscored the economy’s resiliency and capability to expand in the midst critical situations like increases in fuel prices,” Roque said.

The survey also showed that the highest accession rate at 23.69 percent was recorded in real estate, renting and business activities with the booming business process outsourcing sector accounting for most of the hiring. Construction likewise yielded a high accession rate at 20.08 percent followed by mining and quarrying (14.98 percent), hotels and restaurants (14.24 percent) and wholesale and retail trade (10.82 percent).

On the other hand, the lowest accession rates were observed in agriculture, hunting and forestry (3.39 percent); electricity, gas and water supply (1.87 percent); and private education services (1.66 percent).

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