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Friday, August 29, 2008

Photo shows (from left) Annie Trillo, ExcelAsia’s Vice President; Gloria Cejero, Director for HR Consulting Services, PeopleSupport; Monica Feliciano, Senior Recruitment Manager, PeopleSupport; Naomi Oliver-Alleje, Communications Training Supervisor, ExcelAsia

PeopleSupport named ExcelAsia, a leading human resource solutions provider, as one of its best partners for 2007 in its first-ever Vendors Appreciation Night. The recent event recognized excellent service from the contact center’s third party providers.

“This event was held in recognition of the services rendered by all of our recruitment partners,” said Diego Castro, PeopleSupport HR Recruitment Marketing and Communications Manager. “It’s our own way of giving back to our partners that have rendered outstanding services.”

PeopleSupport best partner awardees were chosen based on high endorsement numbers and hit rates last year, Castro added.

PeopleSupport first engaged ExcelAsia’s services in 2005, when the human resources solutions firm had just one facility in Cebu. When the company expanded to Makati City in 2006, PeopleSupport extended the relationship for agent-level hiring.

To meet client demand for volume hiring and frequent agent ramp-ups, ExcelAsia trains and endorses near-hires—job candidates who come close to qualifying for a job but need additional skill development—following completion of a special skills training program, which is conducted in partnership with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Training for Work Scholarship Program under the auspices of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

As an accredited provider of the program, ExcelAsia conducts two- to three-week training programs on basic computer skills and English proficiency. “On an average, we train around 500-700 near-hires a month.” ExcelAsia President Rita Trillo-Ugarte said.

“This award from PeopleSupport validates how our system has become an important tool enabling our clients to meet increasing agent-hiring demand.” Trillo-Ugarte said.

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