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Sunday, March 13, 2011

DFA asked Filipinos in Yemen to restrict their movements

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)  asked Filipinos in Yemen to restrict their movements to only those which are absolutely essential and also to voluntarily depart the country in view of the ongoing tensions in the country.
"We are hopeful that the political situation will stabilize. Nonetheless, precautionary measures necessary to assure the safety of our Filipinos in Yemen," Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Rafael E. Seguis said in a press conference.
He also said that the DFA raised the alert level in Yemen from alert level 1 (heightened alertness) to alert level 2 (restriction of movements), upon the recommendation of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, which covers the said country.
The situation in Yemen has also led other countries to adopt travel advisories in Yemen, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Indonesia.
"We ask them to adopt the following measures: actively monitor ongoing developments; keep their communications lines open with the Embassy in Riyadh and their designated community coordinators; inform the Embassy or Filipino community coordinators assigned to their area of their whereabouts; keep an emergency bag ready which contains clothing, water, canned goods and medicine good for two weeks, for themselves and for their family members, and; have important documents such as passports and money ready and at hand," Undersecretary Seguis added.
He also stated that there is yet no need to raise the level to alert level 3 (voluntary repatriation), where the DFA will make available facilities for their repatriation.
Undersecretary Seguis also assured the public that the Embassy's contingency plan in Yemen is updated and in place, and proactive measures are undertaken, including the conduct of meetings with the Filipino community leaders and members to brief them of the contingency plans.
"An advanced team from the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh is also in place in the capital Sanaa, and additional officers and staff from the Embassy and the Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah are on standby in case more personnel are needed," he said. 

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