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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letter from the Saudi Ministry of Interior




In lieu of the issued statement by the Saudi Ministry of Interior (see picture) in regards to staging protests in the Kingdom, We would like to inform and urged our fellow OFWs to stay away from demonstrations or protests planned by some political dissenters so as not to be implicated on any demonstrations which the host government strictly prohibits. 


If there are planned activities scheduled on March 10 & 11, and on March 20, we are urging our fellow OFWs, their leaders and organizations to postpone it and instead re-schedule their activities.


We call on every OFWs in Saudi Arabia to be vigilant and secure their well being. 


To fellow OFWs leaders, we seek your cooperation to relay the same advice to your members and fellow OFWs.



-John Leonard Monterona (signed)

Migrante-Middle East 






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