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Thursday, November 05, 2009

FilGlobe Launches SEO Training


FilGlobe Management  will launch its first "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) Seminar on December 7, 2009. FilGlobe marketing manager, Philip Marfil says: "The demand for this kind of training has been building up for years."  Ten years ago, SEO was just computer geek stuff. But with the explosion of the Internet as a marketplace, the demand for  SEO skills has grown geometrically.


In this financially challenging time, many have turned to the Internet to market their goods. The entrepreneurs' logic is inescapable—why spend millions to open up a physical store in a mall, when you can have one for free on the Internet.  But Marfil warns, "Web presence amounts to zero, if your customers can't find you. Search engines like Google look for activity on a website before it can have a high Page Rank. You want to be on page one of the search engine results. This is why content providers with SEO skills are much in demand."


Most of the knowledge on SEO in the country has been self-taught. The available learning modules are largely anecdotal experiences. FilGlobe aims to place SEO training in a structured curriculum. This way participants leave with complete web content writing skills they can either market or use on their own. Marfil says: "If you can already write in English, then you can learn to write SEO enhanced articles.  There are so many tools on the Internet to help you, there is no need to learn html codes anymore. And once you know SEO you have the option to work for a BPO, be a freelance contractor or market your own blog or website and  just work from  home."


The course was developed  by Gigi Silerio, an ESL Writing and Linguistics professor who also freelances as a work at home SEO-based web content writer. As a freelance contractor herself, Silerio says, "right now Filipinos are highly regarded by foreign clients and jobs are coming our way". But, Silerio adds, "If we want to stay ahead of the game, we really need more skilled practitioners of SEO. Better skills also mean more jobs and higher pay."


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