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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Laudable 1622: Unang Usbor To Have Concert

Lipa City—On the eve of its first major appearance outside of Romblon, the regional indigenous band 1622:Unang Usbor has gained another prominent adherent in the person of Romblon representative Eleandro Jesus Fabic Madrona, who yesterday lauded the band for its trailblazing efforts in propagating the Asi culture.

“I appreciate and support the efforts of individuals and non-government organizations in Romblon, such as the Kusog Sibalenhon, the Asi Studies Center for Culture and Arts, and many other cultural groups to revive, to promote and to propagate our indigenous cultures and traditions as a people,” Madrona said during a telephone interview.

“This means our future direction as a province is assured, as it is strongly moored on our knowledge of our historical past and cultural legacy,” he added.

1622:Unang Usbor will perform in a concert, “Higugmaang Rayab-Rayab: An Evening of Asi Music with the 1622: Unang Usbor Band” at the CAP Auditorium along the national highway in Lipa City starting at 8:00 P.M. on Sunday, 15 February 2009.

The concert is organized by Kusog Sibalenhon, Inc., a Lipa City-based non-government organization, in cooperation with the Asi Studies Center for Culture and the Arts (ASCCA), a Banton-based cultural organization, Kapisanang Banto-anon in Lipa (KABALI), the Banto-anons’ largest organization in Lipa, and the Sibale Academy Alumni Association.

The concert, the first for 1622: Unang Usbor, is expected to be the biggest social and cultural event for Romblomanons in this bustling commercial and industrial enclave where there is a growing community of Banto-anons, Simaranhons, Sibalenhons and other ethnic Romblomanons.

1622: Unang Usbor is a Banton, Romblon-based musical group that has been drawing crowds for its artistic rendition of traditional Asi music. Its repertoire is completely in Asi, an ethnic language spoken by the Asi peoples who occupy five Romblon municipalities—Banton, Sibale, Simara, Calatrava and Odiongan, the province’s commercial capital.

Madrona, who chairs the House of Representatives’ Committee on Ethics, is an Asi and speaks the language fluently. He said he will be at the concert to demonstrate his support.
Famous musical artist Joey Ayala has observed that 1622: Unang Usbor’s music has a unique bend, after he listened to some of the band’s original compositions, notably Martir, Unang Usbor and Kuto't Baylehan.
Formed in 2007, the group is composed of Logie Jake Faigao (lead guitar/lead vocals); Bong Faigao (bass guitar); Danica Grandias (lead vocals); Tupi Fedelin (rhythm guitar/keyboard); Archie Miele Faigao (drums); Aldrin Butch Paz (rhythm guitar and sound technician); and Ronron Fabillar (back-up vocals).

Supporters who have expressed interest to provide support to the 1622: Unang Usbor’s first appearance in Lipa are Eutiquio Famatigan, George Famadico, Nico Fababaeir—all Banto-anon leaders who have made names in Lipa City. Lyndon Fadri, one of Banton’s leading cultural warriors, is also supporting the band’s appearance in Lipa.

Romblon Vice Governor Alice Fetalvero, SP member Jun Irao, and Mayors Lemuel Cipriano (Sibale), Jory Faderanga (Banton), Bong Fabella (Calatrava) and Boy Firmalo (Odiongan) will be attending the concert.

Swift Hotdogs, Boysen Paints, Jetbest Multi-lines Corporation and Felgen Enterprises are the corporate sponsors of the concert.

Kusog is still accepting reservations for tickets to the concert, priced at P300, P200, and P100. For reservations, please call 556 17 62 or 0917 623 8842.

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