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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Specialization Fulfills Non-voice BPO Requirements

In a recent study conducted by the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPA/P), 96 percent of survey participants representing non-voice BPO services providers indicated that 2009 business prospects are good, excellent, or outstanding, and 51 percent of respondents indicated excellent prospects for 2009.

“As global companies continue to look for cost-efficient ways to do business, they will begin to explore opportunities such as outsourcing to address workforce concerns that impact competitiveness,” ExcelAsia President Trillo-Ugarte explained. ExcelAsia is a market-leading full-services human resource solutions provider. More than 50 percent of its client base comes from the BPO industry.

Trillo-Ugarte cautioned, however, that if the surge in demand for non-voice services accelerates as expected, it will be necessary to provide specialized training to prospective employees to develop the core skills required to deliver these services. “Since non-voice BPO tends to be more technical and specific, training will become a significantly more important consideration for these sectors than for the voice sector” Trillo-Ugarte said.

Despite the positive outlook for non-voice BPO services sectors, 88% of the survey respondents expressed concern over the difficulty of hiring qualified personnel. Forty-four percent indicated that the impact of the recent global financial crisis is a critical impediment to growth.

To help address this impediment, ExcelAsia has developed a dedicated sites strategy to address non-voice BPO client concerns related to expansion. “We’re doing a number of things to help our clients meet non-voice services demand,” Trillo-Ugarte said. “One of the most important is what we call a dedicated site strategy in which we provide entire facilities devoted to training prospective employees for just one client.

“Of course, to do this, we are developing our own qualified workforce with the specialized skills required by the non-voice sectors. This provides our clients with a reliable pipeline of candidates trained by functional experts,” Trillo-Ugarte explained.

Under the dedicated sites strategy, each BPO client benefits from focused delivery of services. ExcelAsia also provides its dedicated sites strategy for voice BPO clients. Account executives, recruitment officers, and trainers are assigned to service a specific client to meet ramp-up demands and other workforce requirements. Trillo-Ugarte expects the greatest demand in non-voice BPO to come from companies offering financial and risk assessment services.

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