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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Asian Choir Games in South Korea: Possibilities to Perform Also for Brass and Folklore Bands

Another highlight for Gyeongnam 2009--additional attractions for visitors.

Another highlight for the Asian Choir Games in South Korea 2009: with immediate effect the participation in this spectacular musical event, which will take place in the province of Gyeongnam from 7-17 July 2009 is possible also for brass and folklore bands. “We have decided to give ensembles in the ranges of music for wind and folklore an opportunity to perform beside choirs from all over the world, because it means a great extension of the overall spectrum of the Asian Choir Games and an additional attraction fro the numerous visitors from all over the world”, Günter Titsch, president of INTERKULTUR, communicated in Frankfurt on November 27.”
The second Asian Choir Games after 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia, are being jointly organized by the German-based INTERKULTUR Foundation and the Province of Gyeongnam. They are taking place as a part of the first World Choir Championships in a number of cities in the southern province. The time for applications--an important date for all groups with a lot of travel expense--ends on January 15, 2009.
Brass and folklore bands will perform in the opening and closing ceremony as well as in encounter and other concerts, explained Titsch. To some of them “a great chance of manifold attention” will be offered. Meanwhile choir formations all over the world prepare to align themselves with adjudicators from many different countries as well as with the audience in next years summer.
“The idea of competition is the particular attraction that--like at all big INTERKULTUR events – motivates and inspires choirs in the different categories of the Asian Choir Games, the Korean International Open Competition and finally the Grand Prix ofChoral Music”, emphasized the president of INTERKULTUR.
INTERKULTUR is the organiser of the worlds biggest international choir competitions and celebrates its 20 year old existence in November 2008. The World Choir Games, which are dedicated to the Olympic idea, take place every two years on different continents.
In July 2008 Graz in Austria organised the 5th WCG with 450 choirs from 93 countries. In 2002 the South Korean Busan was the location of the 2nd WCG.
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