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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Global Filipino Nation (GFN) comprises of overseas Filipinos, their families and onshore Filipinos sharing the common goal of promoting effective governance for the Filipinos world over. GFN also serves as the global association of leading Filipino organizations onshore and offshore.

However, GFN is a non-partisan group.

Global Filipinos Australia (GFA) a member of GFN do strongly call for solemn, firm and resolute stand that , in the May 2010, let us mobilize the Global Filipino Nation as a political force for voting and supporting national and local leaders committed to the GFN Governance principles, Programs of Government and Performance Standards, whose principles are built on a strong and progressive country, under just and peaceful governance, where transparency, accountability and the rule of law prevail.

In mobilizing and making a united stand, the Filipinos are empowered to effect positive change in the government.

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