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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Korea 2009: Architecture and Acoustics of the Highest Standard

Closing date for applications for the World Choir Championships is the end of February –
Prize money totalling US$ 200,000 for this top event
Korea 2009 is gathering momentum and gaining in attraction. Choirs, brass bands and folk
groups all over the world are feverishly preparing for the first World Choir Championships.
Choirs and ensembles can register until the end of February for participation in this premium
choral and musical event, which is taking place from 7 – 17 July 2009 in the Province of
Gyeongnam in the south of the country. The closing date was announced by INTERKULTUR
on 12 January 2009 in Frankfurt.
The choirs and other music ensembles can look forward to concert facilities of the highest
quality. The halls in the four host cities are world-class in terms of architecture, acoustics and
technical equipment. "In the twenty years of our history", raved Ralf Eisenbeiß, artistic
director of INTERKULTUR, "we have never witnessed such excellent conditions".
The World Choir Championships (WCC) are the umbrella event for a series of exquisite
choral and musical competitions that is unique in this world. They range from the second
Asian Choir Games through the Korean International Open Competition to the Grand Prix of
Choral Music. A special attraction at this top event in Korea 2009 is the prize money for the
best-placed choirs at the Grand Prix of Choral Music, with a total purse of US$ 200,000.
The WCC are being jointly organised by INTERKULTUR and the Province of Gyeongnam in
four southern cities in South Korea. The first Asian Choir Games were held in 2007 in
Jakarta, Indonesia.
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