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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Bishop Nilo S. Tayag of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) has finally cast his lot for the formation of a strong moral force to stem the decay of Philippine society and has launched a signature drive to draft Chief Justice Reynato Puno as presidential candidate in 2010.
Tayag, who earlier called for an end to traditional politics in the country, said his campaign, which seeks 2 million signatures, was a result of his realization that evil forces are out to unseat Puno from the only remaining bastion of decency and democracy in the country.
He stressed in the weekly Kapihan sa Sulo forum that he launched and chaired the Chief Justice Puno for President Movement (CJPPM) as an antidote to the frenzy of collectively assured political destruction (CAPD) unleashed by malevolent forces led by traditional politicians to prolong their hegemony.
Supporting Tayag are various people's organizations (POs) and non-government organizations (NGOs) that have incessantly clamored for an alternative political leadership in the country.
"Everywhere we go people from all sectors of our society have enthusiastically affixed their signatures to the petition endorsing the name of Chief Justice Puno as a future candidate for President of the Philippines. Thousands have signified their intention to sign the petition endorsing the CJPM," he revealed.
"In our struggle against the trapo or traditional politician, we have to present an alternative leadership to the Filipino people. Consistent with this principle, we have accepted the names of various personalities that truly represent not only the best and the brightest but also the morally upright. And at this juncture, the name Chief Justice Reynato S.. Puno tops the list of alternative leaders and shall reverberate throughout the length and breadth of the entire Philippine archipelago," Tayag noted.
"The Ayaw sa Trapo Movement or ASTM has been swamped by bloggers who insisted that any real opposition or true alternative leadership for Philippine society must have a face, a personality who embodies in him the ideals of principled politics against the politics of the stomach. And of course they have invariably suggested the name of Chief Justice Puno," he added.
Bishop Tayag has consolidated all the different organizations into one solid movement to obliterate traditional politics in the country. He is very optimistic that the movement will spread like wildfire and engulf the whole country in no time at all.
Tayag stressed that with the drive to unseat Puno faltering, with various forces supporting him like the United Methodist Church (UMC), other religious congregations and even senators and congressmen, the national movement against trapo is bearing fruit.

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