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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ExcelAsia Receives Top Vendor Recognition from Citigroup BPS, TELUS Philippines, and IBM Daksh

Year 2008 ended with more awards for industry-leading human resource solutions company ExcelAsia as it collected commendations from existing global business process outsourcing (BPO) clients. ExcelAsia was one of the top vendors awarded during the ceremonies held by Citigroup Business Process Solutions Pte. Ltd. (Citigroup BPS), TELUS International Philippines, and IBM Daksh last December 2008.

During the Vendors’ Night conducted by Citigroup BPS, ExcelAsia was named the BPO firm’s Partner of the Year. ExcelAsia has consistently produced the committed number of endorsements for Citigroup BPS since their partnership began on January 2008. By producing the most number of hired endorsements throughout the same year, ExcelAsia bagged this prestigious commendation from Citigroup BPS.

“By achieving a 100% fill rate for our hiring accounts, we were able to meet the targets set by our own clients for 2008,” Citigroup BPS Assistant Manager for Sourcing Maurice Ryan Bevera said.

Bevera also added that through ExcelAsia’s endorsement turnout, Citigroup BPS was able to meet its client requirements and effectively address the erratic call volumes that usually arrive during the holidays.

IBM Daksh also commended ExcelAsia as one of its top partners for 2008 based on overall endorsement scale and productivity. Aside from this award, IBM Daksh also highlighted the quality of services ExcelAsia has provided by naming it the Most Ambitious Partner of 2008 and Most Responsive Contributor to Ramp.

ExcelAsia was also awarded TELUS’ Most Progressive Performer for 2008. TELUS International Philippines gave a plaque of recognition to ExcelAsia, citing it as one of their top performers for the said year.

In the midst of all these developments, ExcelAsia President Rita Trillo-Ugarte shares that the company is looking forward to roll out client service developments this 2009.

“The awards and recognitions ExcelAsia received in 2008 testifies to the high level of commitment the company is offering among its roster of clients,” Trillo-Ugarte said.” By continuously exceeding client expectations and working closely with them to make sure we give them the right fit, ExcelAsia hopes to usher in 2009 with an even better approach to ensure continued service excellence.”


About ExcelAsia
ExcelAsia provides industry-leading human resources (HR) solutions to more than 30 multinational companies in the Philippines. The firm is staffed by training and recruitment experts who provide end-to-end HR solutions: sourcing and recruitment, executive search, training and development, and HR and business consultancy. ExcelAsia is a professional and reliable service-oriented company that addresses the growing HR needs of contact centers and other business process outsourcing sectors. At present, ExcelAsia is headquartered in Manila with offices in Cebu, Bacolod, and Alabang. It has trained and deployed over 16,000 Filipino jobseekers.

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