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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mapfre Insular Launches El Mundo

Mapfre Insular Insurance Corporation, the joint venture between Spain’s Mapfre Group and the Philippines’ Insular Life Assurance Co. Ltd. has launche “El Mundo”, a bi-monthly eNewsletter to enhance client interaction and as a token of appreciation for the continued support of their customers. Through “El Mundo” the Company hopes to reach around 50,000 of its clients.

“El Mundo” is our medium for reaching out to policyholders so we can continuously communicate with them. Through the eNewsletter our clients would have exclusive access to exciting events, seminars, freebies, give-aways and special discounts on select Mapfre Insular products or with partner business establishments.,” Mapfre Insular Marketing Support Manager, Mallou Lorenzo, said.

“All of these plus other upcoming surprises, and of course a regular dose of interesting feature articles with useful information will be available to our policyholders. This is our way of thanking our clients for their continued trust in the quality of Mapfre Insular’s services.”

Because Filipinos increasingly rely on the Internet for information—A.C. Nielsen estimates there will be 24 million Internet users before the end of the year—Mapfre will distribute El Mundo by e-mail, to reach their policyholders in a more convenient manner.

Subscriptions to El Mundo are free for Mapfre Insular policyholders and agents. The eNewsletter will be sent directly to the subscribers’ registered email addresses upon their consent to protect customer preference.

According to Lorenzo, the capacity to connect meaningfully with clients strengthens professional ties and customer loyalty. El Mundo, the new bi-monthly eNewsletter, serves as a gift to their growing clientele. “For this issue, Mapfre Insular will provide certificates to El Mundo subscribers that they can use to avail of free medical checkups in Healthway branches. Immediate family members can also avail of this free medical benefit,” Lorenzo explained.

Among the other promotional offers included in the issue is a limited-time-only 50 percent discount on the company’s Premier Personal Accident Plan.

The inaugural issue features Mapfre Insular’s partnership with international health care unit Healthway Medical, which provides free medical consultation for Mapfre Insular policyholders.

For its maiden issue, the magazine also provided insights into men and women’s health. Content includes articles on proper diet and how specific food groups promote total well-being. “For upcoming issues, El Mundo will continue to provide critical alerts for new promotional offers by Mapfre Insular and themed issues in niche topics of human interest.” Lorenzo said.

About Mapfre Insular

Mapfre Insular is one of the leading and more stable insurance providers in the country today. With over 70 years of professional experience, Mapfre Insular provides a comprehensive line of insurance services under the following areas: casualty, engineering, fire and allied lines, surety, marine cargo, motor vehicle, and personal accident claims. Mapfre Insular is a joint ownership between Mapfre of Spain and the Insular Life Assurance Co. Ltd. of the Philippines . The Mapfre Group owns 75% of Mapfre Insular and is considered to be the largest insurance conglomerate in Spain with a global presence in 36 other countries. Insular Life owns 25% of Mapfre Insular and is the first and largest domestic life insurance company in the Philippines with over 100 branches nationwide. At present, Mapfre Insular has over 50,000 policyholders and is situated in 11 branches all over the country.

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