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Saturday, June 25, 2011


    Metro buses are now testing electronic monitoring systems, like global positioning satellite (GPS) technologies and electronic vehicle identification equipment to beef up their safety facilities and enhance preventive measures to avoid causes of accidents; like over speeding.  Through this remote or electronic monitoring, bus operators are now able to see and check in real time that their drivers drive safely and within the set speed limits.

1-UTAK Chairman, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II, said that this is one step in transforming the land transport sector to world class standards similar to what you have in Hong Kong, South Korea and other more developed Asian countries.

Mendoza further stated that this is just the beginning.  The use of an automated fare collection system similar to the octopus card in Hong Kong is now being studied, together with the bus management systems currently being utilized in South Korea.   Mendoza also mentioned that the transport sector is more than willing to switch to clean energy, such as CNG, LPG, ethanol and electricity.
"What we are merely awaiting is DOE's position on the matter.  We do not want to shift to LPG, then later on the price of auto LPG shoots up.  We are also now exploring importing CNG on our own and provide the necessary storage and distribution facilities for the transport sector.  We are just waiting for the cue from DOE and DOTC on this matter.  We are also discussing with government the tariff rates in the event all these services are brought on-line to ensure affordability of our transport system," Mendoza said.

Mendoza notes that transport fares in the Philippines is one of the lowest in Asia, with no subsidy coming from the government.  If we want all these to happen, we have to plan things properly in order to have the least impact to the riding public.

LTFRB Chairman Nelson Laluces said that we applaud the initiatives of the bus operators and we will support them in all their endeavors that promote safety and passenger convenience.  LTFRB is focused on the modernization of the transport sector by introducing clean energy and road worthy vehicles, automating the front line services of the agency and reforming the sector by making it more service oriented, commuter friendly and providing "just in time" service.\

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