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Monday, April 11, 2011

An OFW Rape Victim


The Philippine Embassy

Damascus, Syria


Attn: Mr. Dennis John Briones


Dear Vice Consul Briones,


This is a follow up regarding the case of subject OFW and refers to your attached letter ref. no. MIS-68-2011 dated 6 April 2011.


It seems that the content of your letter is like you are lying through your teeth! And vainly attempting to cover up and save the thick faces of your staff who have neglected an OFW rape victim.


I was able to talk to OFW Jane Soriano after she had missed call me and I called her back. Indeed, she confirmed to me that an embassy staff called her and trying to convince her to deny her allegation. She relayed to me that she suspected that the conversation had been recorded thus she cut short the call from the embassy.


For your information here is what she sent me after I have talked to her over the phone (for clarity, I will spell her message correctly): Noong nangyari sa akin, hindi ako kagad naka-report gawa ng kalagayan sa madam. So naka report ako sa embassy mga 5 months bago ako magsumbong. Sabi nila matagal na raw nangyari iyon. Iyon ang reason nila until sa pangako ng agency na uuwi ako ng August, pero hindi nila ako pina-uwi. Hiindi lang ako ang nag-iisang biktima dito. Mahirap magtiwala sa Embassy kaya tiniis ko na lang tulad nila. Wala kami boses dito.


Now, Mr. Briones, tell me to whom we are going to believe? On your reply to us or the the OFW victim pleading for help? The Embassy didn't even bother to help her since 5 months ago!


If you can't provide assistance to the OFW victim, then you all should be recalled!


We condemned this disservice to OFW victim!


For OFWs rights and welfare,


John Leonard Monterona

Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator



The source of our information is her friend named Shally who have sent us the below message.


Instead, we are urging you to investigate this alleged sexual abuse by their agency in Syria.

The PH embassy should not easily dismissed this information as the safety, not only of OFW Jane Soriano, but as well as others OFWs under their agency is at great risk.


We hope that the PH embassy should not cover up this reports as it is serious one.



For OFWs rights and welfare,


John Leonard Monterona

Migrante-Middle East





Shally-Marr Cruz April 5 at 5:16pm Report

Lm nyo po,2mwg ndn d2 samin ang embahada,name nya Ben espin0sa,c Mam tina@ung Angel B0rja...alam po nla ung ctwasy0n ng mga pinay d2,ang ndi lng namin alm kung bkt gnun ang gngwa nla...nkpgdebte n nga po ky Ben espin0sa ung frnd q n narape,peo ang sv lng nya pgmimitngan dw dmi ng gn0ng kaso d2@bkt nung pmunta ang pres.d2 nung jan.cnv nyng 400 tlg@2yrs.lng ang k0ntrta,wla pdng kming nt2nggp n gnun s mga am0 nmin@ang mskit bkt ngpdla pa ang pres.d2 ng sundlo pra lng 2lungan ang pres.d2 eh ndi nya b nb2sa mga gnwang kahayupan ng mga tao d2 sa mga pinay??










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