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Monday, December 14, 2009

Picket Dialogue




Picket Dialogue

Migrante insists to Dimzon and Roque's fast track action before Christmas ends!



Migrante International together with relatives of stranded OFWs will have a dialogue with OWWA Carmelita Dimzon and DOLE Secretary Marianito Roques (if he will grant Migrante's request) and protest to demand the immediate repatriation of 51 OFWs in Doha deportation center, 89 OFWs in Annasban Co. in Riyadh, 100 plus OFWs in Jeddah deportation Center, 3 remains and 5 OFWs in Malaz Jail who have not given legal assistance that cause them into jail. Majority of them have been stranded for almost 6 months now.


The family will reiterate the past promise that Dimzon made from the series of her radio interviews and from their news releases about the assistance, the plane tickets in particular, that they will provide for the stranded OFWs. They will also insist the minimum assistance of OWWA to the OFWs as a member to immediately provide food and water supplies, medical help for all who have sick.


Migrante will also request to Roque to face the clamor of the relatives of the distressed OFWs and immediately command his officials to fast track their moves to bring home distressed OFWs before Christmas. They will also submit 300 plus lists of names of OFWs and their recent conditions and demand to OWWA to visit them immediately.


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