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Monday, December 14, 2009


" We must immediately complete all the needed infrastructure industry in all major tourist destinations in the country to spur investment and employment opportunities".

Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Victor Domingo said that the three major State of the Nation Project of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in the island of Palawan are now substantially completed ahead of schedule compared to its scheduled accomplishement rating.

Domingo said that the El Nido Taytay Roxas Road is already 56.1% complete ahead of 30.7 percent, Puerto Princesa- Aborlan- Aboabo Road is 73.7 percent complete, ahead of 2.1 percent and the Aboabo-Brookes Point- Rio Tuba Road is now 63 percent complete ahead of 2.1 percent compared to its program of work.

"These three road sections are under the El Nido Bataraza Road Project which aim to develop the main road network in the province of Palawan to decrease travelling time leading to major tourist spots" Domingo added.

The P P1.8 Billion El Nido-Taytay- Roxas Road project includes the construction of 49.7 kilometers or Portland concrete cement pavement, construction of 12 bridges including drainage and slope protection works.

In Puerto Princesa-Aborlan-Aboabo Road Project , the project has a total amount of P 1.7 Billion. It includes the construction of 51 kilometers of Portland concrete cement pavement, construction of drainage and slope protection works and installation of guardrails.

Meanwhile, the P1.9 Billion Aboabo-Brookes Pint- Rio Tuba Road involves the construction of 41.2 Kilometers of portland concrete cement pavement, construction of 3 bridges including drainage and slope protection works.

The first two projects are expected to be completed by the third quarter next year while the third project is scheduled to be completed by November also next year.

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