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Saturday, September 19, 2009

DOLE to promote clean, green workplaces

Heeding the calls on the need to address climate change, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and its family of agencies will mobilize its social partners in the industrial front and other stakeholders in drawing up strategies aimed at making workplaces clean and green and responsive against climate change.    


Labor and Employment Secretary Marianito D. Roque said the DOLE bureaus, offices, and attached agencies will implement the "Project Green Workplace Advocacy" that calls for the conduct of the National and Regional Green Jobs Conferences that would involve labor, management, academe, and other government agencies including those at the local level in promoting not only productivity and safety and health but also clean and green practices in workplaces.


Roque said Project Green Workplace Advocacy is the DOLE's response on the need to address climate change and at the same time boost employment as the project also aims to help generate green jobs. 


He called on labor and management and other stakeholders to support the project in view of climate change brought about by global warming that is now threatening people's lives and economies as well, adding that the workplace, the workforce and work itself will ultimately bear the brunt of climate change if nothing is done to address the problem.


Aside from helping to address climate change, the Project Green Workplace Advocacy will also boost new demand for labor.


The DOLE Chief said advocating for green workplaces would give rise to investments in transitioning the economy from "traditional" to "green" and subsequently creating new sources of green jobs.


Project Green Workplace Advocacy  is among the priority deliverable projects of the DOLE in support of its programs in promoting, facilitating, enhancing and preserving the employment of Filipino workers.


Under the project, the DOLE is set to spearhead a national green jobs conference in Manila in November 2009 and similar conferences in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao early next year. With the participation of social partners and other stakeholders, the conferences would identify multi-sectoral collaborative efforts towards making workplaces environmentally sensitive, responsible, and resource efficient.  


Other activities to be pursued under the project include defining the parameters for establishing a green workplace environment and a labor-green job workplace policy aimed at helping labor and management adopt green job policy at the plant level.   Subsequently, the DOLE will mainstream green workplace practices into the capability modules of its existing programs to enable it to echo such practices to program beneficiaries.


The DOLE will also conduct fora with policy makers and implementers from the executive department aimed at establishing institutional support for green workplaces. 



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