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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Administrator Cacdac's  7-point Agenda  

1. Streamline OFW documentation and processing systems to provide smoother and more efficient delivery of services to OFWs. We shall regain public confidence in our systems, starting with restoration of the POEA's ISO certification.


2. Strengthen enforcement of anti-illegal recruitment laws and licensed recruitment regulations. We shall implement RA 10022, which heightened the POEA's role in the fight against illegal recruiters. Also, we shall significantly improve the POEA adjudication record in case disposition.


3. Ensure transparency and accountability in the development of policies and regulations. This means institutionalized consultative mechanisms involving stakeholders in the land-based and sea-based sectors.


4. Further protection of certain types of OFWs, such as domestic workers and seafarers. This includes the ratification of the ILO Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers and the Maritime Labour Convention.


5. Vigorous pursuit of bilateral agreements with receiving countries, for the better protection and welfare of OFWs.


6. Stronger and more harmonious coordination with government agencies, for the better protection and welfare of OFWs.


7. Ensure measures that implement and promote anti-corruption, anti-fixer, and anti- red tape laws and regulations,  including the operationalization of the POEA Efficiency and Integrity Board.

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