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Monday, November 22, 2010

Open Letter to Pres. Simeon Noynoy Aquino III on the deployment of PH ambassador to Saudi Arabia



His Excellency Benigno  S. Aguino III

President of the Philippines

Malacanang Palace

Manila, Philippines:


cc: Hon. Alberto G. Romulo, Secretary of Foreign Affairs


Your Excellency:


Greetings from OFW's in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


In view of our urgent need to have our new ambassador to attend the affairs of more than one million OFWs working in Saudi Arabia and handle their unresolved and pending cases, and in view of the already two months delay in deploying your envoy despite the end of three months deadline grace period, we the undersigned listed on the attached attendance sheet composed of OFW Community Organizations in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hereby bring to your kind attention the following:


  1. During OWF's Leaders Forum on Nov. 19, 2010, held at the AlMutlaq hotel in Riyadh, we discussed the situation and the status of our kababayan who faces several cases and problems and other issues being encountered by OFW's.
  2. All the community leaders committed their continues support to give any assistance to any Filipino facing problems whether at the Embassy or in other places in Saudi Arabia.
  3. That the situation of OWF's in Saudi Arabia needs an urgent action that has to be done under the leadership of the Philippine Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  4. That we already nominated to you, our choices to be the next Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who is committed and able to solve the various cases of our Kababayans and well as to attend to the welfare of OFW's. He is competent to  deal and promote business investment, trading, tourism and other matters of common interest because of his strong connections among the Saudi businessmen, Princes, Saudi Officials and other VIP international personality in the Saudi Arabia.
  5. That we are  strongly endorsing once again and requesting your kind attention to immediately deploy Mr. Abdul Hannan M. Tago to be the new Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Your Excellency, we are looking forward for your immediate action and approval for our urgent request. Our nominee Mr. Tago, who is presently in the Philippines for nearly one month has been waiting for Malacanang call and unfortunately he has to come back to his work in Riyadh before the end of this month and will not be able to go home not only because of unavailability of any reservation during December but he also can not return unless he resigns from his job.


Very truly yours,


John Leonard C. Monterona, Regional Coordinator, Migrante Middle East

Archie Amano, Committee Member, Migrante

Mike Garlan, Secretary General, Migrante Riyadh

Jose Santos, Head, Membership Com. Migrante/BAGO

Mario F. Ben, Chairman for KSA, Migrante KSA

Fermo Balatucan Jr., First Secretary, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Arabic club

Dong Elefante, President, Triskelion Alumni Org. of Tau Gamma Phi

Allan Lumakad, Vice President, Triskelion Alumni Org. of Tau Gamma Phi

Dante Pangcoga, Chairman, Integrated Mindanao Economic Forum

Noor Saleh, Chairman, Association of Maguindanaon Professional Expatriates

Abdullah Umpa, Board Chairman, Philippines Muslim Global Renaissance Conference

Samarodin Ameril, Board Member, Philippines Muslim Global Renaissance Conference

Yusop Macabada, President, Philippines Muslim Global Renaissance Conference

Mansour Q. Meyer, Board Member, Philippines Muslim Global Renaissance Conference

Frank Naval, Chairman, Board of Trustee, United Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)

Frank Naval, President, Partidong Pandaigdagang Pilipino

Doming De Palma, Logistics Officers, United OFW

Deen Ibn Mohammad, Chairman, WEMOWA

Ferie G. Remo, Auditor, Legends Networkers

Harron Abdulkarim, Representative

Saleh Bucay, Chairman, Federation of Maranao Association

Saleh Bucay, Chairman, Ranao Tennis Club and AMSUDA

Kim Desinon, President, Marawinian Angoyao Int. Development Association

Jim Antonio, Chairman. Legend Group

Ali D. Aziz, Member, AMSUDA

Noorika Abdullah, Secretary General, Mepha International

Romeo P. Sinamban, President, UNICAP

Abdullah Andrade, Salvador Jr., General Coordinator, Balik Islam Society of Southern Philippines

Alexander B. Domocol, President, Gamma Kappa Phi International

Rudolf A. Rahman Dupee, Founder, United Global Guardian Brotherhood Incorporate

Marcelino Del Rosario, President, Saudi Oger Basketball Council

Abelardo Castro, Chairman, Saudi Oger Basketball Council

Marilyn M. Lavina, Report, TFC

Christopher Lavina, Report TFC

Mohammad Jaml Norvilla, OFW Lecturer, Kadmuda-Kalagan Davao Muslim Association

Caesar R. Robea, Chairman, United Global Guardian Brotherhood Incorporate












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