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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Migrants ask, is Jakatia Pawa still alive?



Migrants ask, is Jakatia Pawa still alive?


Is Jakatia Pawa still alive?


Migrante International expressed worries and ordered the Philippine government to reveal the present status of the case of a Filipina domestic helper who was sentenced to death by the highest court and now awaits the final decision of the Kuwaiti head of state.


"Do not leave us in the dark. The people who are committed to saving her life deserves to know the present status of her case. We need to know so that we can think of appropriate actions other than what we are doing at the present," said Garry Martinez, convenor of the Save Jakatia Pawa Movement and is also the chairperson of Migrante International.


Last January 19, the Kuwaiti Court of Cassation affirmed the death sentence on Jakatia Pawa, a domestic helper who was convicted of murdering the 22 year old daughter of her employer. Based established processes, the sentence will be immediately submitted to Kuwait's Amir for ratification and will take two weeks to a month for him to give the ultimate decision.


Martinez conveyed that they are rattled on the situation that today is the final day for the Amir's final judgement and yet the government is not providing updates to the public. "We are expecting Ms. Arroyo to at least reveal a report on their efforts to save Pawa's life. What happened to VP Noli's trip to Kuwait, did it ever push through," he asked.


According to earlier reports, President Arroyo sent Vice President Noli de Castro to Kuwait to personally appeal for the life of Jakatia Pawa. There were no follow-up reports on the result of this visit.


"We are alarmed because Pawa might just add up to Arroyo's notorious record of having the most number OFWs who died under her term. And what is enraging is that while she is neglecting our kababayans abroad, her government is instituting added state exactions in the name of their welfare," blasted Martinez.


For this year, two new laws on government collections on OFWs are set to take effect. The amended RA 8042 will impose a mandatory insurance fee collection while RA 9679 or the Home Development Mutual Fund Law will collect P100 every month to every OFW.  


Migrante said that they are set to flood the Kuwait government with appeals for Pawa's life next week in time for the country's Independence-National Day. It is believed that on these days the Amir of Kuwait gives clemency to individuals in death row. ###


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